The Mediator’s Blog: We Can All Use Conflict Resolution Skills in the Workplace (Part 1)

We Can All Use Conflict Resolution Skills in the Workplace (Part 1)  

Conflict in the workplace is something everyone encounters at some point in their life.

Every day, employees arrive at work with diverse objectives, values, opinions and challenges.  All that diversity and personality spices up our lives and can be a key driver of innovation.  It can also create communication challenges which in turn can lead to conflict in the workplace.

The dynamics of workplace conflict encompasses several aspects: organizational structure, organizational culture, interpersonal relationships, and can often involve unhealthy dynamics of scapegoating or blaming.

Workplace conflict can impact productivity and the mental well-being of individuals.  Everyone in the workplace can benefit from a few tools to effectively communicate and creatively problem solve.

In a workplace setting, conflict can easily arise in situations where an employee does not feel respected or that they have been treaty unfairly.  Conflict management skills and the practice of alternative dispute resolution can make an organization stronger, manage risk and promote employee well-being. 

by William Cornet

WILLIAM CORNET is an accredited mediator with broad experience mediating two-party and multi-party disputes in a wide range of matters - family, commercial, employment, workplace, human rights, personal injury, small claims and intercultural communication.


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